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Yes, these are challenging issues. Yes, take some effort to overcome. It can seem to be an overwhelming project. Here's a plan to follow that will move you into an interesting social life in the shortest time.Realize that this will take some consistent efforts on your part. It is highly unlikely that new friends will come to your door looking for you. You will need to commit to getting out and putting yourself where potential friends can get to know you.Make yourself two lists. The first list is every activity you've ever been interested in exploring. Make as huge and exhaustive a list as you can think of or remember.

If this is challenging for you, go to coffee shops, community colleges, adult ed., community centers, and any other types of sources you can think of where you might find flyers or information on available activities. The best activities are anything that you have ever thought or said, "I'd love to do that some day." For our purposes, the longer you've had the desire the better. The second list is all the people you meet that you'd like to get to know better.Don't feel disheartened if you have difficulty feeling any enthusiasm for the choices on your list. Those with restricted social lives may have a bit of depression to break through. Just realize that this is normal and simply part of the process, not let it keep you from action, and keep moving on this goal.
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